The Disturbingly Perverted Diary of Doktormentor: Jail Babe Surgeon Limited Edition Collector's Box Set

This set contains all 11 issues of Doktormentor (#0-10)  a free poster, two added comics: Choose Their Fate #1 and Bettie Page in Danger #2. 3-D glasses are included along with a Behind The Screams DVD!

Doktormentor #0 - #10
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Remember those choose an adventure books?

Looking for something truly unique? "Choose Their Fate" #1 has it for you! With each page you make a new decision leading you on a wild ride with Doktormentor and his jail babes. So many twists and turns it'll leave you wanting more...which with this book, you can start the adventure again and again and have it different every time!

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    Dan Middlebrooks (Thursday, 16 January 2014 15:59)

    I LOVE this remake of an erotic choose-your-own-adventure type book! The creativity and humor involved is awesome, it should be its own series, I'd buy them all!